Unbelievably Good!

If you have spent more then 5 minutes with me then you will already know how much I love - I mean reeeaaaalllllly love, love, LOVE people!! Woven into the fabric of our completely exquisite life-journey is, perhaps, this moment when you meet someone that you don't want to live without! His laugh, her smile, his ability to see the good in everything, her love of animals ... the list is endless - there is this weaving of lives where your "ying" fits perfectly with my "yang" and life is never the same again - It's simply breathtaking!

As a photographer (even though I don't really feel like I am a photographer - I consider myself to be more of a documenter of life) I anticipate each wedding with a knowing that I have never attended anything like what I am going to witness, and will never again attend the same event. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind union of two individuals who are unmatched in their stunning expression of humanity!!! Oh my WORD - even as I type this I have goosebumps!!! We literally have such a gift in being alive!!!

This beautiful celebration was nothing short of breathtaking!! Dania met Matthew in Romania while Matthew completed a degree at a University there. She describes their meeting with such utter delight - when we met for her bridal consult and I asked her that question her eyes literally lit up the room!! Oh - the goodness of it all.

What struck me so completely about this beautiful story was Matthew's Mother - Cheryl. Because Dania is Romanian and had no family present, Cheryl took full responsibility of making sure Dania and Matthew's day was perfect. As a Mom of boys, I understand the bond a Mother has with her son, and the incredibly difficult journey of "letting go - completely" when a Son gets married. Not one iota of Cheryl's manner towards Dania was anything short of complete love. She literally honored Dania in every detail.

After the final detail was complete and Dania turned around - reminiscent of a little girl twirling - Cheryl could not contain the emotion and threw her arms around Dania in the most beautiful embrace, both sealing the moment with their tears! I don't think there was a dry eye in that hotel room!

Adorned in the most beautiful jewelry given to her by her Mother, who was not able to fly from Romania for this special day - this beautiful bride looked every bit like royalty!

Matthew, with such a stunning expression of his gift - words, penned vows for Dania unlike I have ever heard. Both of them - their eye's unmoving from the human standing before them - exuded such a deep affection and a resilience in their eyes that spoke of enduring commitment and a love that, I believe, changes the world. The goodness of it all was unparalleled!

What an absolute gift this stunning couple is to our world! It would only be fitting to end this - my first blog in years - with the Groom's own words........

"..... we have beaten back the waves of the temporal world, their demands and materials. Our love, manifested in this moment, is the power. Let us travel to the mountain's peak together......" - Matthew Evans (Groom)

July, 2018