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  • Nicola Seiler

Fort Desoto Park | Daniel, Giovanna & “The stunning” Audrina

St Petersburg, Florida

Meeting a new human for the first time is ALWAYS (literally ALLLL-WAYS … even grumpy humans give me goosebumps of loveliness), but nothing beats lifting my lens for the first time and capturing a human, or a bunch of humans who have decided to do the “unthinkable” and have committed their lives to one another, and continue to do so … ohhhhh be still my heart … the depth of goodness that a single “family” holds is beyond description! Daniel would send Giovanna a dozen red roses every week (I think I have that detail correctly remembered) when they were dating .. and the sound of her voice when she remembers that - at 8 months pregnant with her second little gift and with a bubbly 2 year old running around, is like the room still goes still. The significance of such “choosing” has not lost it’s lustre and continues to feed her soul with the goodness that only that kind of “choosing” does! …. just like an individual fingerprint - each family unit is completely uniques - with their own set of mountains and valleys, trials and overcoming, joys and tears … the depth at which one will commit to another and they to them is the depth of quality of living, so demonstrably evident in the squeals of delight and eloquent chitter chatter of their first little human they have gifted life … Audrina. Just wow!!!! Enjoy these moments of irreplaceable life with this adorable family ….

It was early on in the session when I noticed a necklace that adorned Giovannas neck ( I use the word “adorned” because, although a simple pendant it had a feeling of depth and meaning…. Almost a “reverent” feel). I asked if I could capture a picture of the necklace, at which Giovanna looked down and tenderly held the necklace. With tears in her eyes she turned it around and showed me the exquisite fingerprint of her Mom, no longer with us on this side of heaven. The unmistakable pain of loss made more painful because of the depth of goodness held within the relationship shared with her Mom. Another reminder of this exquisitely tragic life we have been gifted … it’s not to live pain-free, but to learn to LOVE whilst in pain, to show mercy when we want to show revenge, to forgive when we want to justify hatred because as deep as we are loved and love is as deep as we can loose and grieve. What a beautiful life-lesson and reminder of the never-ending story of humanity and it’s gift to us!

One of my favorite, ever sessions …. I feel like that about every session with every human … but this felt like I was not “teaching” but “being taught” … I walked away from this session feeling like a better person for have met such incredible humans! I literally cannot WAIT for baby “Hannah” or “Ava” [inside joke … the littlest "Da Prato" has a name but it is a surprise until she is born … those are the names I called her during our session].

Thank you Da Prato Family for choosing me as documenter of your stunningly beautiful lives! This is just the beginning of your story together and it already feels like THE BEST story ever!!! Can’t WAIT for your Newborn Session



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