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  • Nicola Seiler

Real, Raw, Beautiful Life!


(Also introducing baby Ava)

Breathtaking! ........ That's literally the only word needed for the documentation of these stunning humans!

Their story has, and continues to be, one of such enduring greatness made up of "every day" moments of living. What inspires this blog (my first "real" blog ... I've been blogging in my head since BEFORE I was born - LOL) is birth of little Ava .. the most cutest, tiniest (she was a few weeks early), most beautiful little human you ever laid eyes on! Oh the joy!

As I scroll through these moments with baby Ava, I remember the day I first met Brett & Jenny. I used to tease them (which I often do with humans I especially LOVE and who I feel bring so much goodness to this earth) by telling them how much I was looking forward to the "maternity shoot". ...... when that day actually materialized, I literally shed tears ... watching them walk towards me when they arrived, I remembered the first time I met them and the journey it has taken to get from then to now ......... We met at a park in a rural Florida town where we chatted and laughed and learned more about life and living simply by sharing moments of living. Brett, a mechanic and Jenny a teacher, it was clear from the start what good friends they were and I loved them instantly.

A couple months after their engagement session, I was on my way to a session at the beach. I remember exactly where I was when I received a call from the Wedding Planner to tell me that the wedding had to be postponed. Brett was in ICU and was fighting for his life! Oh gosh! It's as if everything went still as I imagined the ordeal this stunning couple were facing. I began to pray in my car - out loud - petitioning heaven for Brett's life. The odds were not in Brett's favor but thank God for miracles!!!! It took months but with lots of prayer and an unwavering Jenny standing strong - loving, supporting, praying and believing , Brett walked out of that hospital and is the picture of health today!!!! Still makes me teary

So under the most PERFECT Florida sky we witnessed the miracle - the day we had prayed, and dared to believe, for as these two humans stood and faced one another, and spoke words of promise and commitment and enduring love. It literally doesn't get better than this!!!

Raw. Real. Stunningly beautiful moments of living. Thank you Brett and Jenny for the honor of documenting so many irreplaceable moments of life that, in the process, have, forever, altered mine. You guys breathe so much life and goodness and little Ava is such an exquisite expression of humanity borne from that goodness!

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